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  • Should I Take My Child to See A Chiropractor?
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Should I Take My Child to See A Chiropractor?

A lot of parents can be nervous about taking their child to see a Chiropractor. After all, Chiropractic is only for adults and people in pain, right?



One of the best things a parent can do is take their child in to see a Chiropractor—even if they don’t have any obvious symptoms or issues.


Getting adjusted from a young age helps your child develop, get better sleep, stay healthy, and stay strong. (Dr. Jaclyn knows this personally, as she was adjusted regularly since she was just six yours old!)


Well, most children Dr. Jaclyn has seen have one or two misalignments (Subluxations)–usually caused by minor falls, playing, and even from the stress of the birthing process. Even what is considered a normal birth can result in Subluxations! (Read more about the nature of Chiropractic here!)

Typically when a child gets a Subluxation they’re asymptomatic—meaning there’s no pain or symptoms associated with it. They may cry for a few minutes and then go on playing as if nothing happened. What happens at the joint, however, is this: a muscle will spasm to protect a nerve that passes through a joint (the Nervous System is the most important system in the body—the body will protect that system at all costs), and as a result the child will lose a small amount of the normal motion in that joint.

This is something that most untrained people do not notice, and unfortunately, most parents don’t know to take their children to a Chiropractor to have them checked.

When a child is Subluxated, it can affect how they grow, how they function, and could even have an effect on their overall health.

Here are some signs that your child needs a specific Chiropractic adjustment:


  • Colic

Sleep issues

Noise sensitivity

Breastfeeding issues (difficulties suckling, swallowing or latching)

Restricted head movement

Ear infections, persistent colds or sore throats

Digestion issues

It is paramount to get your child’s spine checked–and checked regularly as they grow!

Get your child adjusted!

An adjustment on a child is very gentle, precise, and efficient!

Dr. Jaclyn uses very gentle and specific fingertip pressure on newborns and toddlers to ensure a gentle and beneficial adjusting experience for the child.

Dr. Jaclyn also utilizes cranial adjusting, which is again extremely gentle as well as beneficial for developing infants and children.

On older children Dr. Jaclyn utilizes manual as well as instrument assisted techniques in order to ensure that their developing systems receive the input and care that they need.

Children, being such wonderful little creatures, are much more receptive to Chiropractic treatment—usually only requiring a few adjustments to restore normal function!

Children need to be checked by Chiropractors more than anyone; by removing Subluxations Chiropractors enable your child’s Nervous System to function properly so that they can grow, function, develop, and stay healthy!

Make an appointment today to get your children checked!

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