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  • What Can You Do About Chronic Fatigue?
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What Can You Do About Chronic Fatigue?

Do you have brain fog? Extreme exhaustion? Unrefreshing sleep? Muscle and joint pain?

Do you suffer from chronic fatigue?

There are many reasons fatigue could be plaguing your life, making it difficult to get past the mid-afternoon, or even mid-morning.

Countless people often say they are ready to get to bed and fall asleep while they are at work… but then when they get home they just can’t seem to get to sleep despite feeling so tired.

What people need to realize is that the brain and body were not created to, when in balance, be tired all day and not be able to rest adequately at night.

Could it be physical stress?

Could it be emotional stress?

Could it be chemical stress?

All of the above?

This is where your Chiropractor comes in!

What does Chiropractic have to do with chronic fatigue? More than you might think! When our bones are misaligned (subluxated), it impairs the way our Nervous System functions—and when the Nervous System is impaired, there is a powerful effect on not only our energy levels, but also our ability to get restful sleep.

Get adjusted regularly!

When our spines are not aligned properly, it can cause not only joint and muscle pain, but it can cause a lack of proper communication with our sleeping systems, because the nerves themselves are being irritated. Misalignment in the spine absolutely impedes our ability to get a good night’s sleep.

Chiropractic optimizes the Nervous System (the system that controls everything that happens in the body). By receiving regular Chiropractic care you can decrease stress, tension, and discomfort, while also increasing relaxation, function, and proper control of your sleeping systems. This enables your body to function at its optimum—and allows you to get more effective, efficient, and restful sleep! (And help get rid of that joint pain, too!)

Chiropractic has been proven to increase energy, improve mood and sleep, as well as increase focus and function!

Here at Progressive Chiropractic we can assess how your Nervous System is functioning with a thorough Chiropractic analysis to help you find the source of your fatigue and give you hope!

Progressive Chiropractic has been serving the Gilbert community for more than 30 years, and is ready to serve you, too!

Make an appointment today!

It’s time to address that fatigue and get your life back on track.

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