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Solutions for Disc Bulges

One day you bent over to pick something up, heard a pop, and intense pain followed. That was when your back troubles began.

But not really.

Back issues build up over time, whether you realize it or not. Back pain very rarely begins with one isolated injury or incident. These issues build and build and grow until one small event pushes you over the edge. One tiny action—like bending over to pick something up—is the straw that broke the camel’s back!

So what is a disc bulge exactly?

Well, when enough damage has been done to your spine, the soft center of a spinal disc can push through a crack in the tough outside casing—like the filling of a doughnut escaping through the glazed bread portion. The way a disc bulge is diagnosed is usually through an MRI or even a lab test. When this ‘leak’ happens it can cause irritation on a nerve, which results in extreme pain, numbness, weakness, and even loss of proper function.

What do we mean by proper function?

Well, the nervous system controls everything in the body. And when a nerve has become irritated or compromised, it can no longer control its target organ or muscle the way it is meant to! Many people with disc bulges also experience problems with their bowel and bladder, with sexual function, and even with muscle control and weakness.

So what can you do about your disc bulge?

At home you can try icing the area for pain relief, as well as moderate exercises and stretches. And while these things can help for a time, one of the best ways to get long lasting relief is through consistent chiropractic care!

At Progressive Chiropractic (Gilbert, AZ) we utilize the powerful Chiropractic adjustment in order to correct vertebral misalignment, which absolutely has an effect on your disc bulge. When your spine is not in proper alignment, this can cause even more discomfort and dysfunction on not just your disc, but on your nerves as well. It is even possible that these misalignments are what led to or contributed to the disc bulge in the first place!

When getting adjusted by your Chiropractor, the bones of your spine are moved back into proper place—this can help the disc to return to its proper place as well. Once you begin to function properly, pressure on your nerves will be alleviated, and your pain will go away. Chiropractors restore and improve function.

In addition to the Chiropractic adjustment, another tool we utilize specifically for disc bulges at Progressive Chiropractic is spinal decompression therapy. Spinal decompression therapy stretches out your spine bit by bit to allow a small gap that allows your disc to return to its normal position back within the spine--helping you to get out of pain, and back to your life!


Don't wait for your pain to get worse and worse until surgery is your only option--take control of your health now and come in and see us to get back on track to health and wellness! 

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