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  • What you can do about your Ganglion Cyst
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What you can do about your Ganglion Cyst

Have you noticed that there’s a small bump on your wrist that’s kinda squishy? Is it more unsightly and ugly than painful?

Then you most likely have what’s called a ganglion cyst!

For most people a ganglion cyst is more a cosmetic issue than a serious health issue. However, for some, it can cause some pain and discomfort if the ganglion sits on or near a nerve, and in rare cases it can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as limit joint movement.

In the past—and it is absolutely not recommended that you try this—doctors would simply take a Bible and smash the cyst with one swift hit. (Which is why a ganglion cyst is also known as a Bible Bump.)

Treatments nowadays are a little less animated.

The medical route is usually surgical; they simply go in and remove the cyst. However, in most cases, the cyst will return (and you’re left with a hefty surgical bill).

Luckily, simpler treatments exist!

Ganglion cysts can be tricky to treat (as they are resistant little things and often come back), however good results are possible with a more natural route here at Progressive Chiropractic (located in Gilbert AZ).

While not everyone’s cyst will completely clear, they are often minimized and pain is greatly reduced.

  • Get Adjusted!
  • Especially for those who experience pain with their ganglion cysts, getting your wrist adjusted helps open up the area and relieve pressure that the cyst is causing.

Don’t let that ugly bump hang around any longer than it has to, take control and come see us to get relief!

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