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  • What kind of shoes you should be wearing!
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What kind of shoes you should be wearing!

What is the most comfortable shoe? What shoe will give the best support? Which shoe will help relieve the foot pain I’m having? Is there such a thing as “the best shoe”?

While sometimes we can brave the pain for the sake of fashion, the kind of shoe we should wear most often are shoes that offer proper support. Shoes like tennis shoes or running shoes; they offer good support for your arches and are shaped to properly distribute weight.

Shoes you should avoid are: high heels, flip flops, clogs, etc. These shoes offer minimal to no support, or can even cause negative structural changes to occur. High heels are in particular one of the worst shoes to wear regularly (if you’ve got a hot date or important job interview, then okay, you can wear your power pumps). High heels will not only potentially cause damage to your feet, but can also lead to ankle, knee, hip, and even pelvis pain and dysfunction. Your feet are the first thing to hit the ground, and if they are not properly supported then problems can easily ricochet up your legs and to your spine.

However, for some people getting a new basic shoe is not enough.

For some, there may be an underlying issue that needs to be addressed, such as flat feet or plantar fasciitis, or even simple overuse from being on your feet all day. Or, as stated above, there could be damages from shoes you’ve worn in the past.

At Progressive Chiropractic (located in Gilbert AZ), we adjust the feet (and ankles, and knees, and hips, and of course the pelvis and spine)! Everything begins when the foot hits the ground--literally! Which is precicely why you need to get your feet checked by a Chiropractor.

If your shoes have been hurting you for a long time, then there is a very real possibility that you’ve become subluxated (misaligned). And as mentioned before, if your feet are subluxated, then odds are your ankles, knees, hips, and pelvis are also subluxated! When you’re misaligned the best thing you can do is get adjusted to correct those subluxations so that your body is able to function properly.

Don’t wait any longer–make an appointment today! 

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