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  • How to Avoid Shoulder Issues
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How to Avoid Shoulder Issues

Pretty much everyone has shoulder issues nowadays.

I’ll bet you’re thinking: “No I don’t!”

But I’m about to carefully explain how you most likely do.

Given that everyone needs to use a computer, a phone, or some other mobile device, I can almost guarantee that you’ve rounded shoulders (some people even call it “mom posture”—I personally like to call it “student posture”) from using whatever technology you need to use.

“But it doesn’t hurt!”

Maybe so—but pain is always always always the LAST thing to show up. Pain is the worst indicator of health; think of it like the engine light coming on in your car. Pain is your body saying, “It’s time to do something NOW.” Just because the light isn’t on, doesn’t mean it isn’t time for a checkup.

“…So what do I do if I am experiencing pain?”

Then it’s time to come in to see us at Progressive Chiropractic (located in Gilbert, AZ) for a checkup!

“Chiropractors can help with shoulder problems?”

YES. The Chiropractors at Progressive Chiropractic have been trained to adjust ANY JOINT in the human body. Sinuses, jaws, shoulders, knees, toes… ANY JOINT.

That being said: our primary focus is always the spine FIRST. Why? Well, all control for the human body originates at the spine, and here at Progressive Chiropractic we like to correct problems at the source. (And if you want to think about it structurally rather than neurologically: where does the shoulder connect? Oh that’s right—the spine!)

The primary source of shoulder issues originate in the neck (specifically the low neck), as well as the midback (specifically the high midback), so that’s where we typically start our corrective care. After that, we look at the shoulder itself to correct whatever might be left causing the problem.

“But what can I do at home?”

One of the best things you can do at home is this simple stretch!

So whether you’re an athlete, a dentist, work in an office, a teacher, a driver, an artist, work in retail, or whatever else—you need to have your spine and shoulders checked!

Come see us soon at Progressive Chiropractic located in Gilbert AZ to help AVOID shoulder issues and pain!

Make an appointment today to keep those shoulders in check!   

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